The Saskatchewan Association of Broadcasters member stations represent the privately-owned television stations and radio stations in the province. While there is diversity in ownership and programming formats, the SAB is united by a common thread—-dedication to the communities they serve. Since radio began here in the 1920’s and through the arrival and development of television, our members have always had a special relationship with the people we serve. We inform and entertain our listeners and viewers, but we also utilize our resources and the use of our airwaves to advance the causes of humanitarian and charitable organizations and to be the most valuable information sources in times of emergency in order to make Saskatchewan a better place in which to live. The SAB members are proud to live in and serve the citizens of this great province.

21st century SAB Presidents:

David Dekker (2013-2015)
Barry Berglund (2011-2013)
Deborah Gauger (2009-2011)
Ted Farr (2007-2009)
Vic Dubois (2005-2007)
Laverne Pappel (2003-2005)
Michael Zaplitny (2001-2003)
Greg Campbell (1999-2001)

Existing records prior to 1999 show the following as former Presidents of the Association:
Lee Friesen
Stan Schmidt
Vic Dubois
Dennis Dunlop
Wax Williams
John Huschi
Jim Rusnak
Gary Fitz
Stan Ravndahl
Jim Laing
Gerry Fraser